Un petit sejour en paques 2017 

I think this was the most difficult 18 hour drive to France that we’ve had. Both of us felt tired before we set off. I’ve just had my third cortisone injection into my shoulder and P has been busy at work as usual. Oh yes, and it’s Cs GCSE year. Oh yes, and also our relationship with the builder of our extension has completely broken down. Not had a response from him as to meeting us at Easter. 

But as usual on seeing ourlittlehouseinfrance we are rejuvenated somewhat. Although, as P is flying back on Wednesday we have a plan for our first day. Straight to Bordeaux and Leroy Merlin and Ikea, to purchase radiators, mattress and bedding. So I’ve now just woken from our first night in our own bedroom on a real mattress in 5 years. YEAH😃

Aarrrghh we had a morning of emptying the Fekafos by hand. The fuse had been switched off and so it had flooded and the electric pump had shorted. Met toad. 

Then we spent time tidying up builder mess and replacing 🔐. My son was all set to tackle the very over grown garden but we couldn’t get the mower to start. So that’s a job for demain. Weather permitting it’s a vide tomorrow. 

I’ve seen a lovely buffet and table on Leboncoin but don’t seem to able to get in touch with the owners.  Not sure exactly how this site works. Is it similar to eBay? Do you need to pay before you see the item? 


Fig Leaf Tea – For Lowering Glucose, Cholesterol, and Triglycerides… and more

Will see my fig trees soon. Can’t wait.
Always interested in articles about figs. This is really interesting and about the wonderful health benefits of drinking fig leaf tea.
Fig leaves are beautiful things just to look at and make a wonderful tea too, what’s not to love❤️

Relax Into Success

Everyone knows about figs being great tasting and having many health benefits but did you know that Fig Leaves have health benefits? It’s true, fig leaves can enhance your life in great ways. 

Fig LeavesFig Leaves can be made into a tea that’s great for lowering blood glucose and thus anyone who is diabetic can use far less insulin. Diabetics should drink Fig Leaf tea first thing in the morning for day long change in their blood glucose. And the tea is great tasting… and smells a little bit like coconut perhaps some nutmeg and cinnamon there too.

Fig Leaf Tea can be used for treating bronchitis and asthma, and eating fig leaves is a great way to cure gastric ulcers and help with indigestion and other GI complaints. In fact chewing up and swallowing 2 fig leaves per day can help with ulcers.  

In recent studies Fig Leaves lowered…

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Yes, I’m feeling février positif

Well I’ve made it through January.  I really don’t like the first month of the year.  My beloved mum passed away in January, it’s cold, wet, dreary (not always, I know) and I usually catch a bad cold or the flu.  But, I’m feeling like I’ve ducked a bullet this year.  It’s February 1st and I’ve made it.

Last year I was convinced that I had a case of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) .  I purchased Echinacea and vitamin D but still caught a really awful virus that put me in the doldrums until the Easter holidays.  Then I ended up with a shoulder injury.  A rotator cuff injury according to a physio friend.  Ended up seeing a consultant and getting a cortisone injection.  It worked for about 3 months and then I had a go at some Pilates and it was worse than ever the next day.  Back to the consultant again and another cortisone injection later it was much better once again and lasted for a while, but I am having twinges again now.  The consultant insists that I will definitely need to have an arthroscopy where he will clean out the joint.

I’ve had some lovely messages from you all out in blog land.  Thank you so, so much. It’s really comforting to read your supportive comments.  We feel quite helpless at the moment about the French house as we are not there and wont make it back to France until Easter, which is just over 9 weeks away.  In the meantime what can we do?  We are at the mercy of our builder, who may, or may not complete the inside of our extension, which was due to be completed by December 2015.  We were planning on taking a trip somewhere different this summer but these plans have changed as we want to try to organise the completion of the extension now, together with painting and purchase of some extra bits of furniture.  It’s all very frustrating but I’m feeling February positive at the moment and just thinking positively about what it will all look like in the end, when it’s finally completed.  The main thing to cling to is that we always have a fantastic time as a family in France.

I’m going to have to break off from writing this as Bella (our cocker spaniel) needs a poo and I have some marking for school to do.

Bella pooed and marking done, I’m back.

When the two extra rooms are finally finished, we will have a salon facing the garden and our own chambre with toilet and shower off it.  I don’t want to make any rush decisions about new furniture.  We did that when we first bought the house.  Mainly because we had to, in order to be able to have a holiday there.  I’d like to purchase old furniture that I can paint, or not, as the case may be.  I want a much more authentic look.  I certainly don’t want a modern French look, where it’s all bright colours and leatherette.  Horror.

I envisage a lovely old armour and sideboard.  I’ve collected lots and lots of images on Pinterest.

I’d also like a metal bed but whilst waiting to find the perfect bed, we’ll probably purchase the Fyresdal day bed from Ikea.fyresdal-ikea

If we are unable to get on with the house this summer then I will focus my energies on the garden.  I’m really excited to see if the Willow tunnel that I planted last year has taken.


But what I really want to see again, is those beautiful blue skies.

imageOh and of course my baby fig trees.






Optimistic phlog post


Le Petit Coquelicot

Le Petit Coquelicot

The family2

Having real trouble with our builder in France.  Seems like we’ve become another casualty of the British builder abroad.  Haven’t felt like blogging for ages so thought I’d look through some of our French photos from the last few years and post some to make myself feel better.  Just looking at all that sunshine has raised my spirits.

Our building project is now into its second year and I’m not confident that it will be completed by the end of 2017.

Very sad face indeed


Bon les vacancies école

It’s been a tough old half term for all sorts of reasons, so we were all looking forward to this half term trip to France.  It has the effect of re-charging our batteries for some reason, even when it’s an 18 hour, non stop, journey on a friday evening.  And these were the first few sights early morning after we came off the N10 at Angoulême on our journey south.  A sky crisscrossed with plane trails and this ethereal, spooky mist hovering above the fields.



And as the sun came up, this gorgeous dappled fig tree leaf on the turn.


And when we arrived at the house there was a very neat hole in the wall.  We were very pleased.  It might have taken just under a year but, hey who’s counting.


Bon matin France.

Rome ne s’est pas bâtie dans un jour

We’ve arrived to gorgeous weather.  It’s going to take us some time to acclimatise, although we have been having a bit of a heat wave back home in Blighty too.  It’s all hands on deck today with the building work as we have friends coming to stay for a week on Thursday.  We need to be sleeping in the new bedroom in the extension.  So it’s a case of the loo being fitted now, painting being done and then a temporary wash basin going in as well.

We’ve been madly mowing and strimming.  My son spent most of the first day we were here mowing the lawn as he was so board.  The minute we arrive he’s like, “what are we going to do” and we are like “we’ve just driven for 18 hours we want to snooze and do nothing”.  Bit of a miss-match going on.

All the plants that I put in at Easter have died and gone from this:

To this:

We will probably have to invest in some sort of watering system if we want to plant again or make sure we plant in October/November.  Although, the garden centres don’t have the same selection of plants at that time of year.

The exterior of the extension is now completed apart from the crépi.  The interior is still a work in progress.


Paul is enjoying the new view from the bedroom window.

Now we need to choose flooring and tiles.  Allons-y!