These blogs and pages are about mine and my families taste of France and French life since our purchase of a holiday home in 2012. The blog is evolving as we enjoy the countryside, people, wildlife, garden et al.

It’s now 2016 and we’ve spent every school holiday here in France since 2012.  We’ve made some wonderful and very close friends but we’ve still only scratched the surface of the area where our French home is and the way of life here in France.  Coming for holidays is like seeing the tip of an iceberg.

And last year we embarked on extending ourlittlehouseinfrance.  This is still ongoing and I will blog pictures when there is any relevant progress.


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avoir le cul borde de nouilles – to be a lucky bastard

“Avoir le cul borde de nouilles” I’m happy with this label.

And it’s great to be back en France again, even after that 15 hour drive. Not so nice to be greeted with a load of builders mess though. I’ve just been out in the garden armed with bin liners to try and do a spot of tidying up, then the heavens opened so I’ve dived inside for cover. We are all very tired and I don’t think much else is going to get done today. Why are builders so messy????  A response from Instagram suggested it’s because they get paid to build and not to clean up.  But I think the best builders will do both.

So even after tidying up, I’m feeling vraiment avoir le cul borde de nouilles. The extension has now finally got its coat of crèpi and the only thing left to do is the covered area at the back of the house. So next summer we can just kick back and relax and really enjoy ourlittlehouseinfrance. So this all too brief break will involve lots of tidying up, repairing earlier builders disasters, planting lots of little cuttings that I have brought from the UK to improve the look of the garden and having several bonfires of Leylandi branches that we cut down at the end of the summer.  Oh, and of course, some trips out and about, after all it is a holiday too.

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