These blogs and pages are about mine and my families taste of France and French life since our purchase of a holiday home in 2012. The blog is evolving as we enjoy the countryside, people, wildlife, garden et al.

It’s now 2016 and we’ve spent every school holiday here in France since 2012.  We’ve made some wonderful and very close friends but we’ve still only scratched the surface of the area where our French home is and the way of life here in France.  Coming for holidays is like seeing the tip of an iceberg.

And last year we embarked on extending ourlittlehouseinfrance.  This is still ongoing and I will blog pictures when there is any relevant progress.


Recent Posts

La Rentrée – Nous rentrons a l’Angleterre 

Approximately 10 hours to Boulogne Sur Mer yesterday and an overnight stop there and now next morning we’re sitting on the train ready to depart for England. Looking forward to seeing Rose (pussy cat), Tamarind (our UK home) and friends. Leaving behind sunny, blue skies and grape vines. Interesting new places and people. New friends. Le Petit Coquelicot (our French home) and fig trees, full of ripening figs. 

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