Late blog post – half term en France 2017 – better late than never😉

It seems a long time ago now but it was a great week with fantastic weather. Even though a lot of time was spent going backwards and forwards to Bâtiland to try to organise shutters for the extension but with the same pentures and espagnolettes. That’s the hinges and bolts. It was great to be back in France in our French home and to catch up with my friends M & B and generally chill out from the hustle and bustle of normal working life and school. And we finally got to see the crèpi in the flesh. Very pleased. The building work is now nearly complete. Just the covered area and the shutters to go. There was quite a bit of digging to do as we brought a lot of cuttings to plant around the garden. Figs and Elderberry, together with two Eucalyptus trees that friends bought be for my birthday back in June. We must have 10 fig trees in the garden now. So I’ll be collecting fig recipes from now on. We took a couple of trips to Jardinerie Jay in Marmande to buy hedging plants and I also bought a Pomegranate tree courtesy of Lynda, who very kindly looked after Bella and Rose in the 🇬🇧 Had a lovely trip to Bordeaux on the Wednesday, just mooching about in the warm October sun. Weather glorious, it was 25 degrees on the Thursday. Thursday pm went to see the joiner who is due to build our covered area. He lives in a lovely old former water mill. Very interesting property.

We a couple of lovely bike rides around our local villages.

Friday evening we were invited to where our neighbour will be living when we return at Easter. She’s finally sold her house and is moving in with her partner. His house is lovely and I can see them making it into a wonderful family home. They have big plans to extend into the grenier to make more bedrooms to accommodate her two boys.

We left with some trepidation or I certainly did as we were told that our French neighbour had been burgled. After her gold apparently. And, now that our closest neighbour has sold to a couple who are going to run the place as a holiday business I fear that the area will be quiet for the winter months. Such a shame as her house next to ours is a lovely family home. Maybe one day it will be lived in all year round again. C’est la vie.

En fin, looking forward à pâques already. Oh, M has purchased this gorgeous little jalopy, Angélique. Hoping I’ll get a ride in her sometime next year.


5 thoughts on “Late blog post – half term en France 2017 – better late than never😉

  1. I am so happy for you that your home is almost done, I can imagine the happiness within yourself. Patience does create things in life. And plus there will be lots of “figs jam” all home made haha! Jam with baguette and croissant – delicious!

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