Un petit sejour en paques 2017 

I think this was the most difficult 18 hour drive to France that we’ve had. Both of us felt tired before we set off. I’ve just had my third cortisone injection into my shoulder and P has been busy at work as usual. Oh yes, and it’s Cs GCSE year. Oh yes, and also our relationship with the builder of our extension has completely broken down. Not had a response from him as to meeting us at Easter. 

But as usual on seeing ourlittlehouseinfrance we are rejuvenated somewhat. Although, as P is flying back on Wednesday we have a plan for our first day. Straight to Bordeaux and Leroy Merlin and Ikea, to purchase radiators, mattress and bedding. So I’ve now just woken from our first night in our own bedroom on a real mattress in 5 years. YEAH😃

Aarrrghh we had a morning of emptying the Fekafos by hand. The fuse had been switched off and so it had flooded and the electric pump had shorted. Met toad. 

Then we spent time tidying up builder mess and replacing 🔐. My son was all set to tackle the very over grown garden but we couldn’t get the mower to start. So that’s a job for demain. Weather permitting it’s a vide tomorrow. 

I’ve seen a lovely buffet and table on Leboncoin but don’t seem to able to get in touch with the owners.  Not sure exactly how this site works. Is it similar to eBay? Do you need to pay before you see the item? 

6 thoughts on “Un petit sejour en paques 2017 

  1. I have never actually bought anything from the site, but pretty sure you have to either call or email the vendor and deal directly with them. The contact info should pop up when you access the ad. Bonne chance!

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