Yes, I’m feeling février positif

Well I’ve made it through January.  I really don’t like the first month of the year.  My beloved mum passed away in January, it’s cold, wet, dreary (not always, I know) and I usually catch a bad cold or the flu.  But, I’m feeling like I’ve ducked a bullet this year.  It’s February 1st and I’ve made it.

Last year I was convinced that I had a case of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) .  I purchased Echinacea and vitamin D but still caught a really awful virus that put me in the doldrums until the Easter holidays.  Then I ended up with a shoulder injury.  A rotator cuff injury according to a physio friend.  Ended up seeing a consultant and getting a cortisone injection.  It worked for about 3 months and then I had a go at some Pilates and it was worse than ever the next day.  Back to the consultant again and another cortisone injection later it was much better once again and lasted for a while, but I am having twinges again now.  The consultant insists that I will definitely need to have an arthroscopy where he will clean out the joint.

I’ve had some lovely messages from you all out in blog land.  Thank you so, so much. It’s really comforting to read your supportive comments.  We feel quite helpless at the moment about the French house as we are not there and wont make it back to France until Easter, which is just over 9 weeks away.  In the meantime what can we do?  We are at the mercy of our builder, who may, or may not complete the inside of our extension, which was due to be completed by December 2015.  We were planning on taking a trip somewhere different this summer but these plans have changed as we want to try to organise the completion of the extension now, together with painting and purchase of some extra bits of furniture.  It’s all very frustrating but I’m feeling February positive at the moment and just thinking positively about what it will all look like in the end, when it’s finally completed.  The main thing to cling to is that we always have a fantastic time as a family in France.

I’m going to have to break off from writing this as Bella (our cocker spaniel) needs a poo and I have some marking for school to do.

Bella pooed and marking done, I’m back.

When the two extra rooms are finally finished, we will have a salon facing the garden and our own chambre with toilet and shower off it.  I don’t want to make any rush decisions about new furniture.  We did that when we first bought the house.  Mainly because we had to, in order to be able to have a holiday there.  I’d like to purchase old furniture that I can paint, or not, as the case may be.  I want a much more authentic look.  I certainly don’t want a modern French look, where it’s all bright colours and leatherette.  Horror.

I envisage a lovely old armour and sideboard.  I’ve collected lots and lots of images on Pinterest.

I’d also like a metal bed but whilst waiting to find the perfect bed, we’ll probably purchase the Fyresdal day bed from Ikea.fyresdal-ikea

If we are unable to get on with the house this summer then I will focus my energies on the garden.  I’m really excited to see if the Willow tunnel that I planted last year has taken.


But what I really want to see again, is those beautiful blue skies.

imageOh and of course my baby fig trees.






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  1. Hang in there. I find February is always a bad month. Do you know anyone nearby your house in France that could “supervise’ the builder. Hopefully he has not been paid, in which case, you should fire him and take another.

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  2. It is so hard to lose one’s mother. You have my heartfelt sympathy.
    Buying secondhand furniture is a great idea. Young French people disdain it, and they can’t wait to unload the stuff they’ve inherited from Grandma. You will find beautiful things and cheaper than new. Look at to get an idea.

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  3. I remember it well the long distance planning of our french house until the time came when I just hated to leave it and didn’t know where I lived but now we are here and it is our forever home I am content, good luck with it all.

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  4. So sorry to read about your Mum – I loved reading about your adventures together – I am sure you will cherish those memories. Sending very best wishes. Julia xx


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