Optimistic phlog post


Le Petit Coquelicot

Le Petit Coquelicot

The family2

Having real trouble with our builder in France.  Seems like we’ve become another casualty of the British builder abroad.  Haven’t felt like blogging for ages so thought I’d look through some of our French photos from the last few years and post some to make myself feel better.  Just looking at all that sunshine has raised my spirits.

Our building project is now into its second year and I’m not confident that it will be completed by the end of 2017.

Very sad face indeed


15 thoughts on “Optimistic phlog post

  1. Hi there … Do you want me to put you in touch with the chap we used to do our pool? He was completely brilliant, does all sorts of building work and is hugely reliable. He now maintains our pool/ house so have his details. X


    • Hi Julia,
      Great to hear from you. Yes that would be really useful. We will be out at Easter for a week and it would be very helpful to discuss where we go from here with someone. Hope all’s well with you and the family. We need to have a catch up this summer. X


      • So glad you’ve emerged into February – I have to sort of keep my head down and grit my teeth to get through the horror that is dark January. I bought myself daffodils at the weekend and finally felt just a teeny glimpse of Spring returning!! The fabulous chap we used is called Dave Skinner and his email address is dumperhire47@hotmail.co.uk … I trust him completely. I know he’s had a lot of work on in the past year BUT, even if he can;t do it all, say, he does have good contacts and couldcertainly be a help to you. He lives in Monbahus, about 3 or 4 miles from Tombeboeuf where our place is. Currently trying to sort out visits dates for summer – I long to be back there – long, especially, to just be on the terrace, watching the skies, listening to the frogs. Let’s try to meet this summer…..that would be really lovely. We are, officially today, exactly half way through the academic year (well, in W Sussex anyway) – I spent a happy half hour working that one out a few days ago! xx

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      • Thanks so much for the info Julia. I know what you mean about flowers, I’ve just noticed the first snow drops in the garden and it has lifted my spirit too. Thanks too for the time check on the academic year too. Although, it’s GCSE year for Callum and I’ve found it all a bit stressful (I know he is too), so my calendar is set for Callums last exam. See you in the summer:)


  2. You’re a bit far from me to recommend artisans. Good luck! We did everything local (and on the books with legit businesses) and it worked very well. The French are good that way. Is your builder getting pinched by the exchange rate?


  3. Oh no, it sounds like you have fallen foul of a fellow countryman which one hear’s so much of, I am so sorry for you, all you can do is exactly what you are doing and cheer yourselves with your good memories, I do hope you are not out of pocket from your bad experience, sadly I cannot recommend a builder for you but do wish you luck, keep writing your blog to let us all know how you are doing


  4. We are too far away to recommend our saint of a builder, shame.
    As for employing fellow countrymen. Some friends of ours in France have had work done by a British builder that is not only shoddy, but dangerous too. They are giving him a second chance. I wouldn’t be that accommodating!


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