The Brexit vote

Such interesting commentary on Brexit, just had to Reblog.

Arun with a View

Blue = Remain, Red = Leave (credit: The New York Times) Blue = Remain, Red = Leave (credit: The New York Times)

[update below]

I’m stunned. And it is likewise with just about everyone I know who’s reacted so far on social media, not to mention countless others. It’s the near unanimous reaction by everyone who supported Remain, as it was so utterly unexpected. The collective shock and dismay on my English Twitter feed—which I checked every half hour until 5am, when the outcome was clear—was total. And the final result wasn’t even close. 52-48 is not a cliffhanger. So much for the betting markets, which had reinforced my confidence on the eve of the vote that Remain would win, even handily. And then there are the polling institutes, whose credibility will take another hit. This is disquieting. Political scientist Yascha Mounk, in a commentary on social media last night, noted that the polls had significantly underestimated the anti-establishment vote…

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2 thoughts on “The Brexit vote

  1. Like all my friends, I was shocked and felt sick when I heard the results. I do not want to write my feelings here. Will discuss when we meet. As I am not English have always felt European. This is so sad


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