Nous revenons

I always struggle to find something to blog about when we’re not in France and to be honest I don’t usually have the time to think about my blog when I’m back in Blighty.  Work and mum stuff take over.  But, I’m all excited as we are heading back to ourlittlehouseinfrance for the half term hols next week,  so as usual I have a stash of things in the spare bedroom that I intend to bring over to France with us.  I always have things I want to bring with us but the pile has got considerably smaller over the years.  Four years ago, it consisted of beds, mattresses, bikes, trampoline et al, now it is usually much smaller things, for example next week I will be taking these things with us.

So let’s go through them. There’s a cute bird box that I found in Morrisons.  I did purchase two but one is for our English garden.  On the list of jobs to do at home is to put this up in the garden.  The one I take to France will end up on a tree quicker than the one at home.


 I’m also taking this garden implement.  It’s called a Fishtail Weeder and it’s used to get rid of dandelions, I got it from TK Max.

OK, OK , so I’ve been searching French style home on Pinterest!!!!!  Anyway I don’t want to spend a lot of money so when en Blighty, I pick up bits from local charity shops and here are two recent finds that I think will go down a treat in the French house.  And, if they don’t they can come home and go back to the charity shop.

OK, so clothes.  We now have lots of clothes in France but I thought this beach top and the stripy Parker would make suitable additions.

We do have a washing machine but I quite often do a spot of hand washing, as things dry so quickly on the line, so a bottle of hand wash is needed.  Then, our garden, so important that the plants get a good feed and water while we are in France.  I do try and get horse manure and have a contact who is happy for me to collect horse poo when I need it.  But in case I don’t get time to collect any this holiday I’m bringing 4 bags of plant food to sprinkle around the garden to give the plants a help in hand.

We like to make a chilli occasionally and always struggle to get hold of jalapeños.  So this time I’m bringing 2 jars with us.

There’s always time for a good read, so this time it’s the following books coming with us.

photo (2)

We’re doing the drive all in one again so that’s 18 hours in the car.  So sugar free snacks are important.  These are new so will try them out.


And finally, I have a poorly shoulder, so I’m bring some Ibuprofen cream (£1 at Pound Shop).  Can’t afford not to be able to garden.




7 thoughts on “Nous revenons

    • Yes, we are driving. I can’t help seeing things when I’m at home in Blighty and thinking, Oh!, I could do with that in France. Then, if it’s on offer it ends up in the shopping basket and then in the spare bedroom ready for the next journey to France.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. There are just some certain products… For me it is Palmer’s body lotion with SPF and Aussie’s 3 minute Hair Deep Conditioner. Honestly just can’t find anywhere here, nor anything as good. This is the difficulty (?) of having lived elsewhere, you always have a few items that are just the best.

    By the by, if you have a Grand Frais near you (add the .com to find their nearest shop) they are the best I have found for finding jalapenos, particularly fresh ones, in France. As you say, a tricky think to find here since the French palate doesn’t really swing towards hot foods.

    Bon appétit


  2. We are back to France shortly for a long haul of kitchen installation and decorating . Trev has a poorly wrist (he blames this ENTIRELY on the new business venture and all that requires) but he better be able to finish the kitchen!!
    Ibuprofen and wine, that’ll fettle it…………….


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