OK so I don’t usually blog about fashion, well rarely anyway.  However, I have something on my mind at the moment.  You could say I’m like a dog with a bone, ever since we were in Bordeaux at the beginning of half term.  We were there for a mooch and although I don’t make a beeline for clothes shops, we happened to be passing Mango.  OK so I could go into Mango at home.  There is one  in the Trinity shopping center in Leeds.  Anyway I decided to have a look in the Bordeaux Mango.  Not much caught my eye……….. but then I saw it, the perfect style leather jacket.  Black, red, maroon, etc, etc, you get the picture.  I tried on the medium, well I assumed that’s the size I would be.  Silly me, too tight.  So tried on the large.  Perfect.  How much? 119Eruos.  Not cheap but well when that is converted to £s, not that bad! £85.  And it looked like there was a promotion, 20% off.  Even better.  But they didn’t have the colour that I wanted.  Drat!!! Never mind, maybe it was not meant to be.

On returning home, to our house in France, I popped into to see our lovely neighbour Michele, for a chat.  The chat got around to our day in Bordeaux and then to the leather jacket that I had seen in Mango.  Shame, she said but there is a store in Bergerac.  Great, we were headed to Bergerac the next day.  I’ll have a look in Bergerac.  With any luck they will have one in my size and I can then do my usual thing of thinking long and hard about whether I really need another leather biker jacket and then put it back on the rack having satisfied my desire of having been given the opportunity to purchase what I wanted… but ultimately talk my self out of buying it quite easily.  Yes I know, how sad!

So in Bergerac the next day we made a detour to Mango which was situated down one of the lovely old side streets.  Anyway no luck, they didn’t have any of the jackets that I had seen in the Bordeaux shop.  Sad face.  So the hunt was still on.  But this would have to now be transferred to the UK as we were heading back to Blightly very early the next morning.

No worries, I thought to myself, I’ll check online when I get home and if it is indeed what I really, really, want I can zig a zig arrh and purchase one via the net.

But wait a blooming moment!!!  When I checked the UK website, to my dismay, nay! horror! it was now 119 Great British pounds and not 119 Euros.  So I checked for the price of other items on both the UK and French Mango websites.  The same thing.  Prices quoted in Euros on the French website were exactly the same figures but quoted in  pounds on the UK website.  Quele dommage!!!  So I text my lovely French neighbour, who must think I am bonkers by now, and she gives me her French Mango online account details, so I can order via the French website and pay in Euros.  But would you Adam and Eve it, when I put in my UK address, lo and behold the 119 Euros turns immediately to £119.

So I say, hey Mango! what’s going on?  Why I am I being charged 28% more for items just because I live in the UK?

Anyone know the answer?


2 thoughts on “MANGO

  1. Annoying isn’t it.
    I buy from maisonsdumonde and their UK prices are generally the same in sterling as the euros figure. I guess their excuse would be fluctuations in exchange rate?

    My advice? buy in France!!!


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