Our 4th summer

Breath taking

Breath taking

We’re now back at our home in the UK.  Our 4th summer at Le Petit Coquelicot is just a balmy summery (very hot) memory.  Due to poor internet access this year it was a real struggle to blog and now that I’m back home I am so busy with all the demands of work, work and more work that I just don’t have the space in my head to write so this a picture blog of our 4th summer.

I have to start with the Atlantic.  It’s spectacular, it’s breath-taking.  A picture could never do it justice.

The Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic Coast

We invested in a beach tent.  Well it had to be done.  Grandma loved it and in its shade we could really enjoy the beach.  I love the sun but I am definitely not a sun worshiper.  I fry.

IMG_4540There was a trip to Mimizan to meet up with the Mais.  I really like Mimizan we’d been there before when our friends had stayed there 3 years ago.

IMG_4460 IMG_4461The boys hired skate boards for about 5 Euros for the afternoon.

The Mais

The Mais

IMG_4505The grape vines were looking fit to bust when we left.  I always imagine I would love to be in France for the vendange (grape harvest).

IMG_4450There were walks with Bella.  This one was when Cal and I were on our own as Paul had returned to the UK to work.  Arrrrrgh!  It was by the side of the Dordogne.  Bella also had lots of attention.

Cal and Bella

Cal and Bella

She also found time to roll in a dead fish.

IMG_4472Then needed to have several baths.

IMG_4480We had a weekend of very heavy rain and didn’t know what to do with ourselves.

IMG_4468We enjoyed another trip to Bordeaux.  Parking in our fav car park where the old Jag hangs out over the road.

I couldn't park the Jag

I couldn’t park the Jag

I didn’t get to visit as many vide greniers as I would have liked to because the weekends were when we had the wet weather😢 found these lovely scarves at one though😊

IMG_4574 (2)All washing dried in no time.  Love the smell of fresh clean sheets.

IMG_4537Had a trip to the far Dordogne/Lot to visit Julia, John and the boys who were holidaying there.  Cal and Van enjoying the pool.

imageThis years wild life, found just as we were leaving.


imageWe just managed to eat the first of the figs.

imageI managed some yoga.  Here is dog, downward dog and dad😆

imageSo we’re back, having left good friends and neighbours behind.  Jeff will now be back on site to finish our extension.  We plan to fly back at half term to see how things are progressing.  I miss France.  We all miss France.  It is well and truly under our skin.


5 thoughts on “Our 4th summer

  1. Ahhhh, this makes me want to go back. Lovely to meet you this summer; sorry we didn’t manage to meet more often – was such a hectic few weeks (exams, planes that don’t arrive, etc etc etc). Could not agree more re the ‘washing on the line’ comments……………! I need to focus on the memory of those blue skies as I put my head down, grit my teeth and focus on reaching half
    term… x


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