un petit sèjours au Gers

Super trip to the Gers once again this year.  So here is some of the story in pictures.

First a stop off at Margaret and Stewarts place.  They have what is effectively a small holding where they grow vegetables and have lots of fruit trees.  We had a lovely welcome and great meal with them.  Stewart likes building things like the bug hotel and wood burning oven made from lots of recycled metal bits.  Can’t remember what Stewart called it.


Then it was away to Au Carrotte.

Great time with old (Marciac Jazz) and new adventures (Tarbes Equestria).

Even a drop of rain couldn’t dampen our spirits.  First a game of Knock-out Whist:

cardsLin had never played before but managed to win.

Then it was several rounds of an 80s TV trivia quiz.  But if you’d never watched Grange Hill or Boon then forget it!!
Then it was into Marciac under a very grey sky for some food on the hoof and cool jazz.

Walking in MarciacJazz in Marciac

Chapeaux et sacs.

Hats in MarciacBags in Marciac

And Bella made a new friend then snoozed through the jazz.

Bella finds a friendimage

Equestria, Tarbes.

Equestria signInside Equestria

The boys check out the stables.The boys at EquestriaHorse & riderLunging

What’s soooooo funny😆😆

IMG_4331 (2)

And found this gorgeous French sideboard in a brocante in the next village.


Only 120€, imagine this shabbyfied😜😜

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