Postcards from our village in France

You know the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?

La beauté est dans l’oeil de celui qui regarde

I’m not sure whether there is a Franch equivalent, someone out there might know.  Our village is not part of the Les plus beaux villages de France, but it is pretty as a picture postcard to us.

Our beautiful church.



The roses outside the church smelled wonderful, I wish this was a smelliblog😁



I had a brief walk around the church yard to pay my respects.  Most of the local families have burial plots “parcelle sépulture” in the church yard, including our neighbours.  I took a look up at the church tower and there was a little fig tree that had managed to seed and grow straight out of the wall.


There’s quite a lot of building work going on, including ours, and also one or two new houses look like they are going to be built, on the basis of the many Panneau de Chantier we saw.


This was a ruin attached to the back of the church but I think it is going to be a beautiful house once it’s finished, with a great view across the grape vines to our famous windmill.



But all French property has a charm about it.



And this lovely property on the main street next to the local restaurant is for sale.


There are still some doer upers.



But let’s not forget this is a working village, surrounded by prune trees and grape vines.  So there always needs to be a barn to store the mechanical grape picking machine.


Oh I could go on but to finish take a look at these fabulous artichokes.



6 thoughts on “Postcards from our village in France

  1. Wow – impressive artichokes, and I love the fig growing out of the church tower. Got home last night – so will spend the next 8 weeks pining for France until we head back!! Had a really lovely week down there – mainly pottering in my garden – have now left the house in the hands of my aged parents for three weeks but, thanks to Skype, will check in daily to ensure they have figured out the shutters etc etc!!


    • Oh it’s lovely that they will be enjoying France on your behalf. I thought you meant pinning at first. Being on Pinterest. Silly me. I have lots of pin boards of my ideas for the French house and garden. Have you tried Pinterest before? 😍


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