Je voudrais manger

IMG_4105Well it’s wet and dreary in France at the moment and my mind has turned to thoughts of different eat treates that I would like to make.  Probably because this will pass the time when I can’t get out in the garden because it is so wet.  My husband would beg to differ though, as he has already begun the task of tackling the weeding and cut the grass.

So to the eat treates.  Now this is one that I can only make after Easter Sunday, as I gave up sugar for Lent.  Don’t tell anyone, but I am ashamed to say I did have 3 chocolate biscuits today:(

image image image

Oh I love Bruschetta too and this recipe I can make now.  It reminds me of hot days and a trip we made into the mountains in Catalonia a few years back.  My son was only little and we took a trip to an old farm in the Spanish mountains and they served us bread with fresh garlic, tomatoes and mozzarella.  It was so simple but gorgeous.

image image image

And this yummy jam I will only be able to make in the late summer. We have several varieties of fig trees now and hopefully a good crop of figs this year.


Now i really am feeling peckish😜


4 thoughts on “Je voudrais manger

    • Yes, we can stand almost anything can’t we accept the rain. Anyway as I type the sun has just begun to shine. You can’t beat a bit of evening sunshine. We expect too much from the weather on our trips to France. Hope you are well. All the best,Sue.


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