Skiing in Saint Lary


Trip to Troncens and beyond. Super trip this Christmas to see the family in Troncens near Marciac. Christmas trees in Marciac.  Gutted that our favourite restaurant in Marciac was closed.  Tried another “boff”. Cold food not good. From here it was on to Saint Lary 1700 in the Pyrenees to do a spot of skiing and celebrate Christmas.  Really impressed with the Hotel Christiania, run by a lovely friendly Belgian couple. Stunning views of the mountains from the bedrooms.


Once we were all suited and booted it was off to the slopes.

imageIn France Christmas presents are traditionally given on Christmas Eve. It was really charming to see all the parents placing presents around the Christmas tree for their children while they were distracted by watching a DVD in the basement. We stuck to our Own tradition of the 25th but loved every minute of Christmas Eve celebrations.

image After a hard day skiing or discovering Saint Lary village, it was time for Baileys, scrabble, good food and family time.

image Bonne Année, looking forward to 2015.





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