I wanted and got a pergola

How to build a Lery Merlin wooden pergola.

imageCollected with the Little Red Tractor. (See previous post)

First you need at least two people and the following tools/materials:

Spade, spirit level, rubber hammer, drill/screw driver, gardening gloves, step ladder, another item to stand on like a chair.  You will also need to purchase the French equivalent of post fix, which is sand and cement mixed together and the metal fixing which holds the wooden posts into the ground.  We chose the short metal fixings as we knew the ground would be too hard to dig a deep hole in.

Then you will need to think carefully about where to position it.  We already have a metal pergola at one side of the garden.  In the middle of the garden we have a row of vines and I initially thought that another pergola might look nice in the middle of the garden and I could train the grape vines over it. However, having placed the step ladder where the new pergola would be it was clear that this position would be right in the middle of our view across the country side from the house. Wrong position therefore.  Looking around the garden it became clear that some balance was needed and so we decided to position the new pergola on the opposite side of the garden to the other one.   Hey presto a balanced garden.


Dig a square hole enough to sit the metal fixers in a central position. Use the rubber hammer and a screwing motion to set these firmly into the ground. Do this for the opposite side before putting in the post fix. Then use one of the wooden batons and a spirit level to make sure that the metal fixers are both level. Where we decided to place the pergola was not completely level ground and this is probably always going to be the case so you will need to  repeat this process when you come to dig the second two post holes.

imageThe post fix is set by pouring water over it. Don’t do this until you have all four posts in and are happy that the pergola is level.  It takes two people to fit the cross and top bars in.  It was quite straight forward really.  And we had an audience.  Bella and grandma.


 Ta dah!!!!!

Not quite finished yet.  Still the planting to do, but you get the idea.


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