The Little Red Tractor

So we are now the proud owners of a little red tractor. This was after having to pay 60€ a time for  grass cutting earlier in the year. Because the weather this year was so wet the grass just went mad.  We have often discussed getting either a push or a sit on lawn mower but to be honest we have always been a little scared.  Our lovely neighbour has always been very thoughtful and generous in offering us hers.  Would we make the right decision?  There is so much choice.  We worried that because we wouldn’t be using it much during the year it would probably go wrong or freeze up when we did want to use it. But we have finally taken the plunge.  The choice is immense; a difficult task as there are countless options to choose from, never mind do you purchase new or second-hand?

Well we finally took the plunge having been to Ikea and while casually looking around Leroy Merlin in Bordeaux.  imageBut how to get this humongous lump of metal to ourlittlehouseinfrance. Hummmmm???

Well the options were livraison (delivery) from Leroy Merlin store at the gob-smacking price of 370€ or! there was a camion (van) for hire at roughly 100€. We chose the camion.image

So vendredi matin off we set to Leroy Merlin in Bordeaux.  Initial horror as we were shown our new tractor at the store, it was still in a huge wooden crate.  We would never be able to move it.  Paul was handed a crow bar and then had to set to and prize it out of the crate.  Portable ramps appeared and it was pushed up into the van along with the pergola we also purchased (see next post).  I was shown around the van before we set off to confirm the damage that was already done to it.  I foolishly didn’t photo the mileometer, as this would have stopped the difficulty we had when we brought the van back.  They wanted to charge us for 50 kilometers more than we had done.  But we had made a note of the mileage anyway and they finally agreed and we were charged 82€ which was what we had anticipated.

After 4 trips to and from Bordeaux twice, we were jiggered.  So we imagined that once we got the little red tractor home we would be simply popping in some petrol and away we would go. Not a bit of it. First we had to put the seat on and fix the steering wheel on.  And when I say “we” I am using the royal we, so Paul.


Then we had to fill the battery with battery acid. Then we had to charge the battery. OMG no battery charger. So we had to hot foot it to the local Tridome to purchase a battery charger. Then the battery needed charging for 6 hours.

Then we had to assemble the grass box, not easy as we didn’t have the correct spanners!!!!! image

Down to the shops again to purchase spanners. Nearly there.


Finally turning the key and away the boys went.

imageimageimageimageimageimageSo all I had to do was sit and watch:)

Most photos courtesy grandma’s Ipad.


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