Huge vide grenier at Villeréal

Wow! the vide grenier at Villeréal on Sunday really overwhelmed me.  Villeréal is a lovely 13th Century bastide town between Monflanquin and Agen in the Lot et Garonne. The first thing I purchased was these lovely bakelite bangles.  But there was so much more than jewellery.  There was lots that I could have picked up and brought home but almost too much to make a rational decision.  So in the end I purchased very little but really enjoyed mooching around in the sunshine.  Cal, hubby and grandma not so enamoured with it.  Also it was very hot.  Phew!!!  Hopefully you can see from some of my pictures what an interesting place Villeréal is, particularly if you like historic architecture.  In the centre of the town is the impressive 14th century market hall, with its original timbers. Saturday morning markets are still held here, as they have been for the last 700 years.  Around the edges of the square are lovely half-timbered buildings.


imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageShe shouldn’t be too sad, the seller wanted 250Euros for her!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Huge vide grenier at Villeréal

  1. looks super – I hope I get something in Lille – just hand luggage though.

    Have you been to Shrewsbury? It has over 600 listed buildings mostly timber framed.


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