Notre petit séjour à Carcassonne et la famille Mais

I’ve always wanted to visit Carcassonne because of its history and we were able to stay in a lovely hotel situated in a hillside village called Aragon.  See below:IMG_3761

What a name!  The hotel was lovely, with a Michelin star restaurant. Carcassonne lived up to all expectations.  The old city is a very busy, bustling place and as someone had suggested on TripAdvisor probably best to get up early and go before the crowds get there.  What a magical place though, I can’t do the history justice here, so if you are interested just click the image below.


Walking up to this old city you can imagine all the peoples of the past, the Visigoths and the Saracens.  It was even about to be demolished at the end of the 19th Century.  What a loss that would have been.


Inside the old city of Carcassonne




Then it was catch up and R&R with the Mais’ in the Gers and someone was 13.  Yep a teenager, who’d have guessed eh!!!


Somewhere in this picture there is the birthday boy and a cake, courtesy of SuperU.




4 thoughts on “Notre petit séjour à Carcassonne et la famille Mais

  1. Drove past Carcassonne many years ago – you could see all the buildings – we did not have time to stop that day we were heading for Perpinon – SP? and need to get there before dark.

    Stefa & I have been on a coach trip – day 1 in Banbury, day 2 Shrewsbury flower show – fewer flowers & garden stuff than expected but lots of other stuff – I bought a new winter calf length mac. We had a great time.


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