Half term and ramasser des pierres – to gather stones

walk 1

Well the week is almost over and it has been a bit of a blur.  Not because we have been that busy but because of the drizzly weather and we have also had a problem with the car which has restricted what we have been able to do.  The weather has been against us but true to form, now we are packing up to go today it has been glorious.  Because of the car, Wednesday meant a trip about 20 miles into Bergerac to the Audi garage, that we identified online, to check if we could establish what was the matter with the car.  We suspected that the wheel bearing in the front drivers side was the issue after checking the internet.  Anyway to cut a long story short “nous pensons que le roulement de roue est cassée” and were correct.  The French chap at Audi initailly said that this couldn’t be possible “ce n’est pas possible” as he asked how many miles the car had done and as we said only 30,000 he didn’t think it would break at that mileage.  But once up on the ramp he confirmed the worst was true and unfortunately the garage could only fix it next week.  No good to us as we are heading back on Saturday.   walk2

Had a lovely goats cheese quiche and good conversation at my friend B’s house.  The weather was good too for the hour or so I was there and we were able to eat outside.  Very French.  B has given us some baby trees which I have planted in the tree nursery.

Our neighbour, M, has painted her shutters the most lovely mushroom colour.  Ms shuttersIf that’s not farrow and ballFarrow and Ball “Cord No. 16”, I don’t know what is?  This is just the colour I was mooning over at home, thinking it would look very French when our shutters need a new lick of paint.  Oh dear, I thought, that’s it I don’t want to be the copycat neighbour.  That would be just freaky.  Anyway up-shot is M doen’t like the colour much anyway and is planning to chang it.  So F&B Cord  No. 16 could be mine after-all!

So most of the time we have been doing things around the house and in the garden.  Not the most exciting of half terms for my son.  In fact later today we will be going on a walk so I will take my camera with me.  Had a lovely long walk and saw our first snake.

Came across a small garden centre selling cacti called Le Petit Mexique.  With a lovely sign outside saying “En hommage a maman qui m’ a fait aimer les cactus”

Cactus farm

I was excited to see, what looked like a very unusual bird in the garden.  This lovely Hoopoe below:


I must be turning into the log lady, love this collage I produced from a picture I took of a pile of wood.

walk wood

And I am still on the hunt for stones.  Ramasser des pierres.  Managed to pick up two this time on one of our walks.  I’m convinced that if I keep gathering stones whenever we are here that I’ll eventually have enough to build an old stone wall or rockery in the garden.  (In my dreams)


And just to close here is a picture of a new prune tree looking very windswept that we have moved from under the Leylandii hedge and one of our healthy looking grape vines.  Lets see if they survive the next 7 weeks!

our grape vinesà bientôt:)



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