jardinage conteneur


terracotta pot basic

Si vous n’avez pas un jardin, vous pouvez toujours être un jardinier.  If you don’t have a garden, you can still be a gardener.  Outside most village houses you will find various plant pots in all shapes and sizes. 

plant potsetargee 2etargee


Anduze pots

Anduze pots 2

Anduze pot table

These beautiful garden urns are called vases d’Anduze and they first appeared in the seizième siècle. At this time the vases were only for the French landed gentry but later the wealthy families of the local silk merchants in the Anduze region started to create attractive gardens and favoured the orange tree, which had previously only been grown in royal glasshouses. Orange trees were planted in these beautiful pots as they needed to be brought inside in winter to avoid frost. These pots are still being made in the Languedoc-Roussillon by artisans in the same way as the old Anduze family craftsmen.

Anduze pots galore


lots of pots

 But you don’t need to put plants in garden planters, they can be useful in other ways or just simply as a piece of objet d’art. 

At Le Petit Coquelicot they are used as bases for an awning which is attached to the house.

ourlittlehouseinfrance pots6

And here just to add structure to a garden space.

ourlittlehouseinfrance pots4

Some more pictures of lovely pots.

pot outside the mariesAnduze pots from pinterestFrom pinterest

And there little beauties are a must have for when I’m next browsing the vide greniers.

Confit pots

They are antique French confit pots, originally used for centuries by the French to store duck or goose confit. (confit – duck or other meat cooked very slowly in its own fat)


6 thoughts on “jardinage conteneur

  1. Yes. I nearly called this blog for the love of pots. Although you see lots of lovely pots in other peoples gardens, they are not always that easy to find. The moral of this seems to be if you see a nice pot grab it while you can:)


  2. I agree
    You can never have too many pots……………… or too many cushions
    Love the pot/awning base idea-genius!!!
    I am currently on search in UK & France for two tall post for each side of front door
    Would prefer vintage but finding a pair I can afford will be tough


  3. Cheers for the comment m’dear. Love your blog. We want to try and visit Aude/Carcassonne this summer. You are brave on both counts. Moving to France and doing up an old property. We love France but don’t have the stomach for spiders and renovations, hence the new house. So loving all the old french finds and I have to see if I can incorporate them into a 21C property:)


  4. Yes you can incorporate a few old french finds!! I think the only thing that doesn’t work in newer properties are awful faux antiques that look exactly like what they are.
    I don’t mind honest copies that might/might not be the real thing and are made with a bit of skill and love- I have those too
    ( I meant pots too-by the way- not post!)
    Aude is underrated and beautiful, let me send you some “must visit” locations to really enjoy your trip- and a few places to avoid!!
    By the way, spiders hate chestnut beams and we have some of those, which helps……………..that hint works for new houses too


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