Bella’s séjour chez le vétérinaire


Yesterday Bella was most definitely not herself.  She wouldn’t eat or go for a walk and was obviously very weak.  So off we went to the local vet here in Duras.  After the initial examination which involved her temperature being taken and the vet probing up her bum, a blood test was taken.  Then she was taken into a separate room to be ex-rayed to see if there were any blockages anywhere inside.  The blood results revealed that Bella’s liver marker was really high.  The vet said he had only seen this in 5 other cases.

Bella blood test results

This called for an ultrasound scan.  So the poor dear had to be laid out on her back in a vice with her legs stretched out down the examination table and her tummy shaved.  Grandma and I were acting as veterinary nurses, I was comforting her by stroking her head and grandma was holding her feet down.  After sometime the vet said Bella’s liver and gallbladder appeared to be fine.  Throughout all this she never made a sound or complained at all.  So after two hours the vet concluded that she probably has a virus that has affected her liver.  He said she would have to stay the night because she would need an intravenous drip to support her recovery.  We reluctantly left her and were advised to call back at 10am this morning.  The vet called at 9.15am to say she had improved and eaten and if she didn’t vomit we could pick her up at 4pm.  This is what we did.  It was great to have her back, we’d missed her and she had missed us too.  She has to take three tablets, Silycure, Marbocyl and Amoxival.  We will need to take her back to the vets before we leave France and she will need more blood tests in a months time back in the UK.  She is snoozing in her bed now and we are hoping she is on the mend.


4 thoughts on “Bella’s séjour chez le vétérinaire

  1. hello. sorry to gatecrash but my family and I live in the Gers, near L’isle jourdain and we have been searching for working cocker breeders. We are really keen to have this particular type of dog. I don’t suppose you know of anywhere in France where we could find them. thankyou very much. I hope Bella is better now.


    • Hi Lucy,
      Thanks for your note. Bella is fine now and enjoying her French holiday. I’m sorry I don’t know of working cocker breeders in France. Bella is from Peterlee in Durham. But there are lots of other breeders in the UK. You could try putting a request out on Angloinfo for breeders in France.


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