les mauvaises herbes

Set off at 8am from home and well 26 hours later and we’re back en France.


Callum’s happy, he’s playing with Matthew and Nathan, the neighbours children. I’m happy, Callum’s happy AND my little fig tree survived the winter.


Grandmas happy the internet is working. The only one down in the dumps is Bella.


She’s been off it all week. Took her to the vets on Thursday tea time and he couldn’t find anything obvious so gave her antibiotics. But she’s still not eating properly and was sick in the hotel room during the stopover in Tours. If she’s no better I’m going to have to take her to the vet here in Duras. The vets assistant at home is bilingual, so she wrote out Bella’s symptoms for me to give to the vet here. Just boiled some rice to see if she’ll eat.

A little bit of French “mauvaise herbe” – WEED, and we have a few.  I love the translation “bad grass”.  Here’s a beauty!


Have some not so bad grass too.

IMG_3267Grandma thinks these gorgeous little purple flowers are Common Vetch.

IMG_3268But also lots of Daisies and Dandelions.


Bella now snoozing and seems a little better:)



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