La neige

Fantastic skiing at Tournaboup just up from Barèges in the French Pyrenees. We stayed in Luz St Sauveur in a wonderful family run hotel called Le Montaigu. imagePerfect weather.  No lower than minus 4 and sometimes plus 4. Perfect company. Great hotel. Great dog! The children won’t forget Aslan.imageWhat more could you ask for. Well I’ll tell you. Shins and calves that don’t ache. These are the culprits. imageBoots that clamp around your feet and shins like a vice and force your legs into an unnatural forward slant that encourages you to keep your body weight over your toes which is, apparently, perfect for skiing. However, with the help of Michele, our ski instructor, it’s all worth it.  We can ski.image I just need to master getting off the ski lift. Talking of ski lifts I was so proud of Cal taking the lift to do his first mountain run. imageLuke and Evan made a fantastic snowman. imageimageCal and Luke enjoyed chewing the fat. imageAnd the scenery was stunning. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures high up in the mountains so this will have to do.imageBonne année 2014 from Au Carotte chez Mais.


3 thoughts on “La neige

  1. It’s been years since I skiied – my husband taught me, and I remember the bruises around the legs and ankles from the first day! I persevered, however, rather than join the group of wives who sat in the glass-encircled lounge all day drinking martinis! Much better on the slopes, falling down and going too fast, etc. Getting the knack of good timing as you get off the chair-lift wasn’t too easy, either!
    The hot punch came afterwards, well merited!
    Barbara xx


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