Back for October half term

We’re back en France again!  The fourth time this year.  It’s was frantic back at home in the UK for the last 8 weeks.  It’s been work, work, and more work for all of us.  We decided to take a different route this time from Newhaven to Dieppe.  So we set off at 3.30pm on Friday 25th October in Grandma’s van once again packed to the gunnels.

van with contents

van with contents

To be honest not as full as it has been in the past.  But this time a bike, a chair, a stool and stuff for the garden.  We nearly didn’t travel in Grandmas van as it needed a very specific repair and it was touch and go whether or not it would be ready.  We left behind my very dear friend, Lynda, who is much more familiar with France than we are, having travelled in Europe for the past 25 years.  Lynda and Tasha, her dog, are both looking after our menagerie of animals while we are away over here in France.

Back to the journey.  It was a nightmare. 


Very busy on the M1 due to traffic congestion probably down to it being the Friday before half term, there were also a few minor accidents and the last straw was the closure of part of the A27 near to Newhaven.   

So its half term 2013 back at Le Petit Coquelicot.  But shock, horror some small creature has been eating my plants 😦  I think I am going to have to cover the bark at the bottom of them as some animal is finding it very tasty.

So very tired on Saturday night just bedded down to watch TV when a little face appeard at the door.


Bonjour monsieur grenouille 🙂


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