5 weeks en France

Well it’s nearly all over, going home tomorrow.  We’ve had a fabulous 5 weeks and have done so much.  Back to school in a few days but this is how it went!  Super time with my nephew and his family at their gorgeous huge farmhouse in the Gers.  And they have a POOL:-) And figs:-)  


Visits to Marciac jazz festival and the Pyrenees, unforgetable.


Evan, Callum and Luke



A visit to Pont d’Espagne

boys meet water 2


Pont d’Espagne

Then Chris and Ad came out to see us for a week.  Fab times and we visited the biggest sand dune in Europe and narrowly missed a bull fight.IMG_3063


Cal and Adam

Made a new friend in a lovely lady called Barbara.  And realise we didn’t get a photo.  And while Grandma, Paul and I were gardening Callum spent most of his time with his French brothers Nathan and Matthew.  Realised that I didn’t take any photos of them this year.  So having just grabbed one they are not pleased with, here is a substitute snap of Cal and Lukes feet in the icy waters of the Pyrenees.

Cal & Luke

We’ve also been to:

Lac de L’uby, Lac de Gurson and Andernos-les-Bains.  Night markets at Levignac, Monsegur and Duras.  Numerous vide greniers.  And all with Bella.


Bella looking cute, as usual

Can’t wait to come back again in October.


One thought on “5 weeks en France

  1. Great pictures and words Arntee! Now looking forward to a Christmas snow filled adventure. Ice skating on the pool and we might even have a new wall and drive if our Bart has pulled his finger out! Most importantly, where is ye shedde?


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