How to build a shed base and erect a shed in France (in 11 hours)

We are definitely not Mr and Mrs DIY, BUT when you are quoted 800 Euros to build a shed base from one of the only builders I could get hold of (yes, I know it’s the summer) and the shed only cost £499, needs really must and we decided to do it ourselves.  Total cost 175 Euros and here’s how we did it.  First decide where you want the shed to be in the garden, then measure out the correct space.  You will need sand, cement and paving slabs from the builders merchant, we used:

The invoice

Slight problem with the delivery as only 29 paving slabs delivered and we ordered 35, soon sorted out though and given an extra one for luck.   You will also need a spade, a spirit level and a long piece of wood or pole.  First you need to dig out the base to about 4 inches deep.  You might need to water the ground if it’s too hard.  IMG_3121

digging the base

Make sure it’s as level as possible at this stage.


Now for the sand.  We also purchased some bordurette (edging) as the ground slopes away at the back.


Now you will need to spread the sand, tamp it down with your feet and level it.



Once the sand is level, sprinkle with cement.


Now the fun part, you are ready to lay the paving slabs.  This can be tricky and it’s a case of trial and error to make sure that each slab is level.

Bella trying to help too.  paving slabs down


Then tah da!  The base is now ready to start erecting the shed.  We chose a 6 x 8 foot resin shed by Keter we have one at home and have been very happy with it.  Keter manufactures in Israel and makes lots of different resin garden products.  We purchased it from Amazon in the UK and then had it delivered to us in France.  It’s a little like putting together a Lego shed.  Grandma and I helped by passing screws and pannels.  A lot of it clips together but you need to be strong to do this.  First the shed base.

plastic base

Then the sides.


And finally a shed.


finished shed again 1

And of course we had to have an opening ceremony!

Shed opening ceremony


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