Cailloux de la Garonne


We started our French garden back in April of this year (2013).  To the right of the house, looking from the back, we began to create a seating area from the remnants of a small above ground pool base. the-pool


So fast forward and Stephensons Landscaping and Gardening Inc begins with delivery of ten tonnes of cailloux de la Garonne.

Cailloux de la Garonne

Cailloux de la Garonne

Yes I know, it seemed a small pile for 10 tonnes.  But that’s what 10 tonnes of small and large unwashed Garonne river pebbles looks like. 




We laid some weed suppressant membrane which we brought from the UK (much cheaper), then the pebbles and Ta dah! after many trips with our wheelbarrow we now have a seating area with pebble surround.  This is still a work in progress as we want a small wall to be built around it to retain the pebbles and define the area.Pergola


We have planted 2 Cypress trees at the entrance to the seating area either side of the path that leads from the house.  These we purchased from Lerclerc. Then I planted a young fig tree that I purchased from Morrisons in the UK (£2.99).  A Buddleia, a Feijoa Sellowiana (pineapple guava) and Rosemary were planted earlier in April.  The rest of the stones we are going to use at the left of the house to create an informal pebble garden.


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