L’Assomption de Marie 15th August

I was wondering why the banks aren’t open in France today?

Assumption day or the Feast of the Assumption of Mary (L’Assomption de Marie) is a religeous festival that celebrates the Catholic belief that the Virgin Mary did not have an earthly death but that her body and spirit were taken up or assumed into heaven. It is an important occasion for village and church festivals and is a Catholic obligation and public holiday in France.

L'Assomption de Marie©iStockphoto.com/mstroz

Many Catholics in France go to church to mark L’Assomption de Marie on August 15 each year.  Local festivals are held and may consist of sports events, parades, brocantes, markets and communal meals.

On L’Assomption de Marie, post offices, banks, shops and other businesses are closed. So that’s why I am penniless today.


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