Le Petit Coquelicot

Le Petit Coquelicot

Easter 2012 was the first visit after only seeing the house once in October 2011.  What a whirlwind it’s been.  We are now the proud owners of Le Petit Coquelicot.  A very charming 2 bedroomed cottage in the Lot et Garonne.  Had a day signing for the property at the notaires.  Many signatures later it is ours.  We have 7 grape vines, plum, cherry and fig trees.  Can’t wait for the harvest.  Been gardening today and it’s hard work, dug out a rose and ivy plant that was growing next to the front door, then planted a Red Robin and a Salix, not sure they will survive .  The ground is full of couch grass, weeds and moss.  From a distance it looks wonderful and green.  Once the sun goes down frogs can be heard croaking at each other.  They must be big.  The house has a lovely feel to it and the more we are here the more it feels like home.

I can see I am going to be in my element as the French love their car boot sales.  Been to several vide greniers (vide means to empty and un grenier is an attic in French).  Have purchased several items, including vintage jewellery and a super large clear glass bowl from the mid part of the last century.

Best store for furniture we have found is Fly, they are similar to Ikea but better quality and cheaper in many cases.  We have purchased a sofa and dining chairs from them.  Stylish and modern but not over the top. There are quite a few things that I want to purchase back in the UK to take out with us next time we come.   Best wines we have found are from a local producer called Berticot.  For English TV (yes I know this is bad) you just need to attach an old Sky box to the satellite and it works.  Keeps number one son very happy in the morning and Grandma very happy in the evening.



  1. I have loved reading your blog… thank you. We bought a house in Tombeboeuf (47) last July and have spent the school holidays since then trying to get it into a decent working order. I am now focusing on the plants so have been absorbing all your information. Am going to try to plants some figs this summer (nearly managed to at Easter but just ran out of time!!) Have you had any problems taking plants over from the UK? I may try to do that this half term….. Have struggled to find much in terms of garden centres there…. have found a large Gamme Vert in Villeneuve but it’s a bit clinical in some ways…. I need to keep looking, I think! Am also going to follow your lead and visit some of the Vide Greniers…. am on the look out for some large pots for outside…… Anyway. I witter on but thank you for your lovely blog. It has been v useful! Julia


    • Oh I’m so pleased you like the blog. I’d love to hear more about your house in Tombeboeuf. Do you have a blog? Figs are great plants, they look good and you get gorgeous fruits too. I have brought a lot of plants from the UK. They have only been small and haven’t had a problem. Yes, Gamme Vert is small in Duras. The one in Marmande is better but the markets are also good. There is a lovely plant stall in Duras at the market on Monday mornings. Yes, the vide greniers can be good for plants too. Thanks and do keep in touch. Sue.


      • Hi Sue… no don’t have a blog but would love one…. I need to investigate (just need to get my class’ SATs out of the way – I’m a Year 6 teacher for my sins!) We bought the house last summer – I drove down with the kids to do all the scary notaire stuff and husband flew down a week later. It feels like a dream come true to me, to be honest. I spend all my time thinking about it and the novelty doesn’t appear to be wearing off. Went down in October half term but didn’t get down at Christmas (two of our kids had mocks and it just seemed too tricky). Did get down for 10 days at Easter though and am now wondering whether to head off on my own, or just with the youngest (have three – youngest is 13, then a 16 year old and a 17 year old), at half term as really want to go back again!!!! V much looking forward to 5 weeks there this summer though! Only a small house really – has three bedrooms but one large lounge/kitchen – but a beautiful covered terrace (well, to me!!) and a view that I could gaze at like a soppy thing! You can’t be too far from us – we went to Duras at Easter – was a lovely, hot day- and found a little cupboard thing in the street where you can swap books for free – several English ones! We also head to Marmande quite often (the Leclerc!!) and I agree with your post from today – the old town is lovely.
        I could talk about France endlessly – think I have gone slightly mad!! I seem to be taking over the study at home and keep filling it with ‘stuff’ that I think will be just fab in France – nothing is safe from my paws!!! Julia


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